Cocktail Team Building Perth

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Cocktail Team Building Perth

Shaker Bar Hire are thrilled to launch their premium cocktail team building event in Perth.

Learn the fine art of the cocktail bartender and master your cocktail skills with some of the best cocktail bartenders in the business.

Shaker has 3 main team building packages for you to choose from so you can get great value for money whilst getting the best out of your team.

We also have a number of alternative and bespoke team building events so you can tailor the experience to your exact requirements.


The Shaker Experience is an interactive cocktail teambuilding experience designed to promote teamwork and bonding.

Cocktail Team Building Event

Activity Brief


Each guest will receive a delicious complimentary reception cocktail on arrival.

A short health and safety briefing will be given at the start of the session.

The group will then be split into teams of up to 12 and rotate around the following sessions:

Cocktail Session:
Learn the art of cocktail making – One of Shaker’s experienced cocktail bartenders will demonstrate how to make a selection of mouthwatering cocktails, from either our classic or contemporary drinks menu.
Then it is your turn to play bartender and get behind the bar to mix up your own cocktail, or two depending on group size, from the menu!

Shooters & Layering Session:
Your shooter instructor will show you how to layer classic B-52 and Squashed Frog shooters. Then you give it a go, feel free to drink the results if you dare!
Next you can experiment with a range of liqueurs to create your very own unique shooters and take part in the layering challenge – How many different spirits can you layer in one shot glass?

Flair Session:
Juggle bottles Tom Cruise style as you embark on learning the theatre of cocktail making, flair! Our flair bartender will delight you with a short performance of the “Shaker Flair Routine” then they will teach you the basic moves you need to perform the routine yourself!

The Competition:
One person from each group will show off their new skills in a nail-biting cocktail, layering & flair competition!!! There will be prizes for the best competitor at each discipline!
Please note – Groups of under 20 will only have the Cocktail and Shooters session as standard, Flair can be added at a supplementary charge.

How many Drinks will each guest have?
Dependent on group size, guests will get to make/drink approximately 3-4 drinks each including a reception cocktail made by the experts on arrival.


A Competitive cocktail team building experience designed to promote teamwork with a bit of fun on the side!

Cocktail Team Building Events

Activity Brief


Each guest will receive a delicious reception cocktail on arrival.

A short health and safety briefing will be given before the session commences.

The Game:
The group is split down into teams of 5 delegates. Each team is given a work station with cocktail equipment and ingredients.
The Shaker Mixologist will present the first of five classic cocktails, showing delegates step by step how to recreate the mouthwatering creation for themselves.
The teams will then battle against each other and the clock to recreate the cocktail, a winning cocktail is picked based on speed, taste, style and presentation! Don’t worry in case you need a little extra guidance the Shaker experts will be roaming the room giving handy tips and guidance throughout the challenge!
The next demonstration will then start and again teams will battle it out! This is repeated until all five classic cocktails have been demonstrated and recreated by the teams!

The Competition:
With their new found skills each team is set to work creating their own unique cocktail against the clock, they will then briefly present this to the other groups, and the instructors will choose an overall winning cocktail!

How many Drinks will each guest have?
Along with a cocktail on arrival each participant will get to make/drink 1 cocktail each.


Cocktail Team Building Days

A creative cocktail team building experience designed to promote team work and creative thinking.
For more info visit the Team Building Website or take a look at: Activity Brief

Activity Brief
Each guest will enjoy a complimentary reception cocktail on arrival
A short health and safety breifing will be given at the beginning of the session.

The Cocktail Hour:
Shaker’s expert cocktail bartender will demonstrate a number of classic cocktails, teaching you the basic principals of mixology, the fine art of mixing up cocktails, guests are encouraged to sample the different drinks to gain a better understanding of balancing and building drinks.

The Mixology Mission:
In groups of 5-6 you are given a mystery box of ingredients and asked to design a bespoke cocktail; this can be tailored to fit in with your company or a specific theme if required.
Each team will be asked to come up with an original name for their cocktail and prepare a presentation to convince the judges and their fellow participants that their groups cocktail is the best of the best!
Each group will have an allocated time slot behind the bar to practice making their cocktail three times.

The Presentation:
Each team will be asked to make and present their cocktail at the bar to the rest of the group. The instructors will select the winning cocktail based not only on the taste but on the concept, presentation and the making of the cocktails, prizes will be awarded accordingly.

How many Drinks will each guest have?
Guests will get a reception cocktail each and have a chance to sample some drinks throughout the activity.